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PH54: Claire Fiddian-Green, The Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation

PH53:  Andrea Chen, Propeller

PH52: Julie Hirshey, Eagles Care

PH51: Carla Javits, REDF

PH50: Claudia Juech, The Rockefeller Foundation

PH49: Bonnie Horrigan, The Bravewell Collaborative

PH48: Richard Woo, The Russell Family Foundation

PH47: Vikki Spruill, Council on Foundations

PH46: Roger Nozaki, Barr Foundation

PH45: Ann Lovell, Lovell Foundation

PH44: Jacob Harold, Guidestar USA

PH43: Craig Newmark on Making a Difference

PH42: Dan Nigito, American Philanthropic Advisors

PH41: Mark Kramer, FSG

PH40: Margaret Hall, The GreenLight Fund

PH39: David Greco, Social Sector Partners

PH38: Melissa Berman, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

PH37: Antony Bugg-Levine, Nonprofit Finance Fund

PH36: Paul Shoemaker, Social Venture Partners

PH35: Jen Ratay, Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund

PH34: Jason Saul, Mission Measurement

PH33: Andrew Wolk, Root Cause

PH32: Gregg Behr, The Grable Foundation

PH31: Caroline Whistler, Third Sector Capital

PH30: Rick Williams, Sobrato Family Foundation

PH29: Emily Gustaffson-Wright, The Brookings Institution

PH28: Carrie Morgridge, Morgridge Family Foundation

PH27:  Kathy LeMay, Raising Change

PH26: Lisa Duran and Erin Barnes

PH25: Carl Terzian

PH24: T.J. Cook, CauseLabs

PH23: Jerr Boschee

PH22: Kevin Lynch

PH21: Glen Galaich, The Philanthropy Workshop

PH20: Kate Otto, Everyday Ambassador

PH19: Dr. Sara Konrath, iPear

PH18: Rusty Stahl, Talent Philanthropy Project

PH17: Michelle Greanias, Grants Managers Network

PH16: Jed Emerson, Gary Community Investments

PH15: Paul Vandeventer, Community Partners

PH14: Michael Pirron & Rodney Willet, Impact Makers B Corporation

PH13: Katie Kerr, B Lab

PH12: Nell Edgington, Social Velocity

PH11. Nike Irvin, California Community Foundation

PH10. Tara Roth, Goldhirsh Foundation

PH09. Dave Sternberg, Loring & Sternberg

PH08. Cathy Clark, Duke University

PH07. Kyle Westaway, Westaway Law

PH06. Mark Loranger, Chrysalis

PH05. Ryan Honeyman, Author and Consultant

PH04. Sylia Obagi, Disney Family Foundation

PH03.  Russell James, Texas Tech University

PH02.  James Barnes, Vanguard Charitable

PH01.  Nnamdi Okafor, VsN Management

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