Philanthropic Advising Services

I work with high net worth families on their strategic philanthropy. I also do consulting for board development. 

My job is to invest the time to get to understand an organization and the people involved. I familiarize myself with operations, with the culture, and help deliver clearer results and a more focused strategy. Every organization has different goals, desires and outcomes. I want to better understand the people and the values that drive their decision-making process.

Here are a few things that you can expect from me as an advisor:

  • A complete analysis of current operations with specific, tailored recommendations.

  • Establish a philanthropic master plan to guide all decision making.

  • A detailed action plan to help you operate and distribute funds more effectively.

  • Review proposals and advise on gift agreements and oversight of grantees.

  • Assist with the creation of a website and grant making guidelines for donors.

  • Guidance and support to address management decisions.

  • A direction specifically focused on mission, vision, and values.

Executive and Volunteer Leadership

One of the greatest challenges facing any young nonprofit organization is building strong volunteer leadership.  

  1. How do you identify and recruit quality board members?
  2. How do you motivate board members to actively fundraise?
  3. How do you improve board participation and fundraising results?

On top of all of the myriad of challenges that an Executive Director must face on a daily basis just to keep the organization moving, they must also manage a group of volunteers who are usually busy and often have competing agendas.  

I understand these challenges. I help match working professionals with their philanthropic interests, especially those in need of talented Board leadership. I work with Executive Directors to help shape a more effective Board of Directors. 

The goal I am always striving for is results. Measurable. Attainable. Aspirational. Results: 

  • Trained, engaged board members who excel in both fundraising and governance.

  • Young working professionals who are eager to lend their talents. 
  • A strategic, long term fundraising plan
  • A stronger connection to the mission and vision.
  • A deep analysis of weaknesses and growth potential. 
  • Campaign management and feasibility studies. 

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