02: James Barnes of Vanguard Charitable on Donor Advised Funds

James Barnes is the Chief Relationship Officer for Vanguard Charitable, an independent public charity founded by Vanguard as a tax-effective way to contribute assets, over time, recommend grants to nonprofit organizations.

By creating a personal philanthropic account, clients can be strategic about giving and managing their charitable contributions in a flexible and convenient way. They offer an immediate benefit as a charitable tax contribution.  They enable their assets to grow tax-free through any number of investment options.  With over $4.5 billion in 10,000+ accounts, granting over $0.5 billion a year, Vanguard Charitable's mission is to increase philanthropy and maximize its charitable impact over time.

Highlights of the Show:

In this podcast, we discuss:

  1. The power of a donor advised fund:  how do they work and are they right for you?
  2. The 5 best practices for philanthropists
  3. How to make philanthropy a family affair
  4. The trends of philanthropy and where are we headed?

Takeaway of the Day:

No matter what giving vehicle you choose, be sure to get involved and take an active role in your philanthropy.

Links and Resources Mentioned In The Show:

  1. 5 Best Practices for Philanthropists Report
  2. Effective Granting Report
  3. "The Paradox of Generosity" by Christian Smith & Hillary Davidson (book)
  4. Learn more about Vanguard Charitable

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