Create a Sense of Urgency

Nonprofits often talk about being able to connect to donors, making great introductions, and cultivating relationships. 

After that, the relationship goes nowhere.

In fundraising, as in sales, one of the hardest parts is closing the gift. 

Donors (or clients) like to be taken to a free lunch, but when it comes to the bottom line, they will try to push it off for as long as possible.  It is human nature. 

One way to overcome this fundraising issue is to do a better job of creating a sense of urgency. 

Today I discuss different ways a nonprofit can create a sense of urgency - either real or false - in order to inspire quicker action.

Use some of these basic tips for your own nonprofit organization.

  1. Exclusive giving levels and seasonal events. 
  2. Set a deadline.
  3. Make the ask as specific as possible.  
  4. Build a campaign.
  5. Leverage partners.
  6. Use the thermometer

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