Dan Nigito on The Accidental Philanthropist

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Dan Nigito has been serving the financial services industry for 35 years. As the CEO of American Philanthropic Advisors, LLC, he specializes in using charitable remainder trusts, life insurance and family foundations to create strategies for wealth accumulation and preservation. His programs have saved families millions in tax dollars and created millions more for charities across the USA. 

Dan is an accomplished author, guest columnist, and creator of the CLEAR (Charitable Leveraged Estate Accumulation & Retirement) Plan, the nation's first interactive, software-based financial planning program that focuses on using charitable remainder trusts to solve common estate and retirement concerns. 

Today, Dan joins the Philanthropy Hour to talk about how all Americans are philanthropists, but not necessarily in a good way. There is currently a "war on wealth," and we need to do a better job of understanding how the flow of money works in order to leverage our investments and protect our hard-earned money. By doing so, we all have more capacity to give, to be charitable, and to do more good. Because of our current tax laws and the structure of our government codes, Americans are well positioned to protect their finances and support charitable causes that they are passionate about. It is a perfect mix, but we must be better educated on how to leverage our current wealth. We can grow our nest egg while also creating a charitable legacy. It is time to become intentional philanthropists, not accidental ones. 


In this interview, we discuss:

  1. How to use the Charitable Remainder Trust as a gift vehicle. (2:00)
  2. Why the CRUT and CRAT are no longer tools just for the wealthy. (7:00)
  3. What is the accidental philanthropist, and why it is not a good thing. (13:30)
  4. The War on Wealth is real, and we must all take charge of our finances. (17:45)
  5. Why the next 10 years will see the largest transfer of wealth in our nation's history? (21:00)
  6. Leaving a legacy at the end of your life through a Family Foundation or Donor Advised Fund. (32:15)


"God didn't put you on this planet just to make money. You have to do something with that money."  -Dan Nigito


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  5. Avoiding the Estate Tax Trap book on Amazon. 


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