T.J. Cook of CauseLabs on Using Technology to Improve Humanity

Twitter:  @TJCook  and @CauseLabs

T.J. Cook is the CEO and strategist at CauseLabs, where he helps facilitate team building and advancing solutions. CauseLabs helps build tools to impact people because they believe everyone deserves the life-changing benefits of technology. They have helped design over 100 tangible solutions, while assembling an expert team of strategists, designers, and engineers who partner with clients around the world to prototype, win funding, and launch digital innovation breakthroughs. 

Drawing on his experience as a teacher, father, and community builder, T.J. has infused the company with a sense of mission, purpose, and desire to make a difference in underserved communities. They take an interdisciplinary approach to bringing together an expert team of strategists, designers, and engineers who partner with clients around the world to prototype and build breakthroughs. 

In this interview, T.J. shows how technology can play a key role in solving global problems by reconnecting us the human element. Before you can solve anybody's problems, you must first gain a deeper understanding of the people you work with, their culture, environment, and challenges. T.J. explains that the designers and strategists of CauseLabs are doing more than just building technological platforms, they are bridging relationships. They are acting as partners in this shared journey towards improving lives and repairing the world.


In this interview, we discuss:

  1. What is CauseLabs and would he describe their work. (1:00)
  2. The idea of philanthropy for these organizations and how CauseLabs helps them to achieve their funding objectives. (10:00)
  3. How T.J. views their work to act as partners with multiple players around the world, and empower stronger partnerships. (19:30)
  4. The B Corp model and how the B Corp movement has allowed CauseLabs to be better connected to a community of like minded individuals. (23.45)
  5. The convergence of technology and humanity, and how CauseLabs fits into that narrative. (27.30)
  6. How CauseLabs is a tool for social impact.  (32:15)


"What technology really is capable of when you approach it with the right lens of social impact." 

"Our core competency is still the building of things. But more importantly we are partners." 


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