Kate Otto, The Everyday Ambassador

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Kate Otto is the founder of the Everyday Ambassador organization and author of Everyday Ambassador: Make a Difference by Connecting in a Disconnected World (Beyond Words/Atria, May 2015). She is spreading the message that all it takes is an everyday person willing to reach out and make a real connection with another human being to foster true, deep and lasting change.

From her work with AIDs organizations to create digital tools to track patient information to her recent work in Ghana, Africa as a part of the Global Health Institute initiative to survey gather data for Ebola and Cholera education,
 Kate knows that her impact is not as much in the digital tools and tracking reports she creates, it’s in the power of the real human connections she makes during her work that true change happens.

In her book, Everyday Ambassador, Kate details how we can actively work to hold onto our social and community skills as we live in the digital age by practicing four core values: empathy, patience, focus, and humility. Through examples and exercises, Kate shows how these four values can bring us together, even when technology may try to force us apart. The book’s main goal? To inspire people to connect, to make a difference, and to act in service to create positive change every day, everywhere, with everyone.

Kate’s experiences both in global and in local service has given her a breadth of knowledge and authority on a broad range of subjects. She is a great resource for the issues of the day, and how to address some of the world's most complex issues. In this interview, Kate discusses the Everyday Ambassador movement, the importance of human connection, and every individual's ability to express our own humanity and grace.


In this interview, we discuss:

  1. The four core values of Everyday Ambassador: Empathy, Patience, Focus, Humility. (3:00)
  2. The inter-connectedness of different people across different cultures. (8:30)
  3. What makes an Ambassador, and good examples of current ones. (11:00)
  4. How digital technology is at one an enabler and a hindrance to valuable connections. (20:30)
  5. Everyday Ambassador workshops and how they promote the core values. (29:00)


"Technology is meant to connect people who otherwise are far, not to create new distances between people already close."


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